Photo credit: christian gideon photography

Photo credit: christian gideon photography


I grew up in Southwest Missouri and went to college at Missouri State University. After graduation, I spent a few years in Minnesota and then made my way back to Springfield, MO in 2008. I've worked as a marketing and brand manager for the last 10 years, most recently for a regional brewery. Yes - I love craft beer! Currently, I'm starting a new venture and building my own event management business in Springfield.

I married my best friend last August in Kansas, MO, and we have three rescue dogs that keep us company at home in Springfield. 

I have a passion for local business. I love coffee. I love wine. I love beer. I love people. I absolutely love to travel and long for new experiences, but the Midwest is where my heart will forever be.

I'm on a journey of recipe/happy hour/cookie at a time. If I'm not cooking or on Pinterest, I try to get out and run!

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope we can connect, collaborate and inspire each other!